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What do you believe?
At Akiva School, we believe in teaching to the whole child. What do you believe?
8th Annual Akiva Common Read
In the Akiva Common Read program, students from kindergarten to grade 6 explore together a literary work through storytelling, art, song, sharing and discussion.
Generation to Generation Program
Remembering our past to strengthen our future
Shana Tova from Akiva School
Akiva School celebrates Rosh HaShanah.
Helping Hands At Akiva
Inspirational messaging through creative hand art by our grade 6 students.
Akiva School – Learn More
Learn more at Akiva School.
Welcome Back to Akiva!
Amazing first day back to school.
Akiva Annual Gym Show
Every year in June, Akiva School holds our Akiva Gym show where students have the chance to shine and showcase their gymnastic abilities.
Kindergarten – Life of Moses Play
Kindergarten classes put on a wonderful performance in 3 languages telling us the story of Moses.
Passover at Akiva
Akiva School celebrated Pesach with Kindergarten grandparents and in a spectacular school wide assembly.
Grade 1B – Kabbalat Siddur
Grade 1 celebrates an important milestone in their Jewish journey when they receive their first siddur in front of parents and family.
Grade 2 Chagigat Bereishit
Grade 2 classes celebrate their Chagigat Bereishit with parents and family.
Akiva Celebrates our 40th
The Mendel-Bensoussan family talks about the magic of Akiva and being a part of it since 1970.
Your child belongs at Akiva
There are so many reasons your child belongs at Akiva School.