Messages from the Head of School

cookiCooki Levy, Interim Head of School, shares inspirational messages with the Akiva community.

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Expert ED-vice
Akiva experts weigh in on educational topics, questions and concerns of today’s parents.
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 Faces of Akiva

Stories and voices from the Akiva School community; a beautiful mosaic of students, parents, teachers, families and friends all learning, sharing and living together at our school.

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“Mais où est donc Carnior ? ” 

Magali Sauves, coordonnatrice des études françaises, partage ses idées sur « l’expérience française » ici à Akiva où nos élèves profitent d’une immersion dans la langue française, la culture québécoise et les arts.

Magali Sauves, Akiva’s French Coordinator, shares her insights on the “French experience” here at Akiva where our students thrive immersed in French language, Quebec culture and arts.

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Debbie Abecassis 2

My Jewish Journey
Deborah Abecassis, Director of Jewish Life and Learning, shares lessons from the Torah, Jewish customs and traditions and inspirational thoughts for personal growth.
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Nick on the Net
Nick Papanicolopoulos, Akiva’s Physical Education Instructor, gives us a “play by play” on Akiva’s physical education program, extracurricular activities and all around great team spirit.
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Taking Care of the Whole Child at Akiva
Robyn Schreter and Jaimee Kravitz, Social Development Coordinators at Akiva, highlight some the great initiatives taking place in the school to help meet the social, emotional and developmental needs of all of our students.
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